St. Paul's Church
Or as it is more correctly known, St. Paul's Episcopal Cathedral.

Without a doubt, it is one of the oldest and most beautiful structures in downtown Buffalo, NY.

The church was designed by architect Richard Upjohn (also known for his design of Trinity Church in New York City, built in 1846). St. Paul's Church was officially dedicated in 1851. At the time of its completion, the Cathedral's towering spires made it the tallest building in the city.

On Ascension Day in 1888, the church was nearly lost when a natural gas explosion and subsequent fire left only the bell tower and spire undamaged.   At noon that day, the church still smoking, firemen signaled that St. Paul's Cathedral would survive by ringing the church's familiar bells.

Restorations were completed in 1890.

It was easy for me to imagine the cathedral as it looked when horse-drawn carriages passed on the street, for the church still retains the majesty it held in those early years.....

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