The Birth of Xanthus and Balius

Xanthus and Balius are immortal horses that appear in Greek mythology. Legend tells that they were the sons of the Western Wind. Their wild spirits made them the favorite mounts of Castor and Pollux, the twins whom the gods placed in the sky as the constellation Gemini.

In Homer's account of the Torjan War, the great warrior, Achilles, lost his battle chariot when his horses were slain. Without Achilles, all was lost for the Greeks!

Until the Gods decided to intervene....

Zephyr, the God of the Winds, quickly rose across the embattled plain as a mighty whirlwird....and he sired a pair of noble horses. The two emerged from the drifting sands and took up the fallen chariot.

The miraculous birth of these two stallions--this was the scene that I wanted to capture on my canvas. And onto the edges of my painting I inscribed Homer's words "The Wind blew into the Horses great strength....the Two shook the dust from their manes...and raced away."

Acrylic on Canvas
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