Horses, Saratoga Style, 2007
Watch an Art Horse in progress........
Created by artist, Stephanie M. Dunatov
See how a blank, fiberglass form is transformed into "Ghosts of Saratoga"
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Week One--Getting the Show on the Road
Week Two--Beginning with the Basics
Week Three--Working with Wire
Week Four--Fiberglass and Fashion
Week Five-Adding the Details
Week Six--Officially Overborad
Week Seven--Sanding and Smoothing
Week Eight--Dark Thoughts, Dark Colors
Week Nine--Friends and Fun
Week Ten--Heading into the Home Stretch
Week Eleven--And Down to the Wire!
Week Twelve--On the Road Again
Launch Party at Whitney Polo Field
Pictures from Visitors
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"Ghosts of Saratoga" will be on display all summer long in front of the Saratoga County Arts Council, which is located at 320 Broadway, Saratoga Springs, New York.

If you visit....take a photo of the Art Horse with your friends and family. Send you pictures here and they may be posted on the website. Be sure to include the names of the people appearing in the photo, and, if you like, where you live!

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