Week Four: Fiberglass and Fashion.....
After watching me attach wire mesh to the sides of the horse, a number of visitors to the studio have commented that my idea will not only never work...but will end up taking so much time that there will be no way for me to finish by the mid-May deadline.

This is a sign that I must be on the right track......

The next step in this project is to cover the wire mesh with an overlay of fiberglass. This will ensure that the blanket has the strength and durability for outdoor display.
Working with fiberglass requires a few precautions to ensure one's safety...and since living and breathing is important to me, I decide to proceed carefully.

Here is a photo of me "dressed for success" as I begin another day using potentially hazardous chemicals.

The epoxy-clay that I had to special order from a California distributor arrived very quickly...and so I was able to start filling in the rough spots on the sculpture. And after the fiberglass hardened...I begin creating the "trim" for the edge of the blanket.
This photo shows a close-up of the trimming sculpted from epoxy-clay and applied to the edge of the wire mesh armature...which has been overlaid with fiberglass.
I have only completed a small amount of trim so far...but at least the fiberglass work is finished!
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