Week One: Getting the Show on the Road.....
After numerous weather delays....the horse sculptures FINALLY arrived at the Saratoga County Arts Council in Saratoga Springs, New York. This past weekend, my husband and I made the long trip out to pick up my horse. When we left Buffalo on the morning of February 23rd..the weather was terrible! It was snowy and cold...roads were slick...Luckily, the skies cleared after a couple of hours. Although the sun had come out, the weather was still very cold when we arrived in Saratoga Springs in the afternoon.
Photos of the artists loading up and transporting the new, unfinished horse sculptures.
Unsure of what kind of weather we would encounter on the trip back to Buffalo, My husband and I decide to wrap the horse in a tarp to protect it from possible hazards....such as nasty road salt.
Our trip home along the I-90 was quite hilarious.....rubberneckers stared out of their car windows, children pointed, and more than one concerned citizen stopped to inquire whether we were transporting a dead horse (and if so, what did he die from?).
After a harrowing climb up a flight of stairs...the horse has arrived safely at the Horseworks Studio in the Market Street Art Center.

The Art Horse seems to dwarf Studio 203.
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