Beginning with the Basics.....
The project starts by thoroughly washing the horse to remove all of the assorted dirt and grit.
The first wash reveals a fine veil of sooty grease stains....These are removed by a second wash--this time with rubbing alcohol
Even though he is only a plastic stallion....I have to admit that it feels a little funny to swab alcohol on his "undercarriage".
It is not all glitz and glamour, seems there is already a problem...
The washes have uncovered flaws in the finish of the fiberglass form. There are many pock-marks, pin holes and scratches. It also appears that the initial coat of primer may be too thin on the underbelly and tail areas of the sculpture. These will have to be corrected before any painting can begin.

Not being a fiberglass aficionado, I decide to consult the company that manufactured the sculpture for advice on how to proceed. I am informed that repairs should be made with a special epoxy-type clay.

I spend some time searching online, making telephone calls and visiting art and hobby shops...but despite my best efforts, I am unable to find a local distributor for the epoxy product. It looks like I have no choice but to order the clay from a distributor in California. will not take too long to arrive!

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