Week Ten: Heading into the Home Stretch.....
I cannot lie....I have had a lot of fun creating the realistic effects on my Art Horse. I LOVE the way the eyes look at you....and I am so happy that I decided to be ridiculous and add unnecessary details like lips and eyelids. My insanity is finally starting to pay off (in this one area of my life, at least!).

A visitor to the studio this week commented that "Wow! You've got all of the hard parts finished!"

Unfortunately, I have only finished the "easy" parts.....Remember, the Art Horse still has to become Art.....

The next step in this project is to put the Saratoga into "Ghosts of Saratoga". To that end, I have been collecting a whole bunch of historical odds and ends. I have amassed quite an assortment of clippings, postcards, articles, photographs, racing programs, and miscellaneous memorobilia to attach to the horse.
There is quite a challenge in using historical items in collage....It requires maintaining a careful balance between having an interesting composition and protecting valuable artifacts...It usually comes down to "knowing what to throw away, and knowing what to keep".
Guiseppe is all ready for the next step....so why is the mane still unfinished? The mane is one of the finishing touches that will be left for last. I always have fun adding the last few details, so I have gotten into the habit of using some of these as a "reward" that I can work on after I have finished something more difficult.
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