On the Road Again......
Well, I had planned to skip the details of the drive back to Saratoga Springs....but that was before I knew what an adventure the trip would become!

After spending a few days on display at Shoppe on Main in Newfane, New York, it was time for Ghosts of Saratoga to head off for his big debut at the Horses, Saratoga Style 2007 launch party at Whitney Polo Field. We loaded the horse onto a U-haul trailer (just the way we had brought him out to Buffalo) and we drove down Interstate 90 toward Albany.

We had nearly reached Syracuse when a loud BANG sounded from the trailer--I could see that the horse had tipped by looking at the sideview mirror, but I had no idea what had gone wrong until my daughter shouted "There goes the wheel!"

Sure enough, the wheel had snapped clean off the trailer and gone bouncing down the highway beside us.....

We were stuck at the side of the road!

Because no one had gotten injured, the horse was not damaged, and we had plenty of food and water in the car, we were free to find the humor in this situation....

We listened to the truckers chatter on the CB radio-- "Watch out for a breakdown at mile marker 305...Looks like a four-wheeler hauling a....horse?"-- while we tried to explain over the cell phone to the folks at U-haul that we needed more than just a new tire.

After a lot of explaining, a tow truck was finally dispatched to our location. Chad, the driver, seemed to take the situation in stride....although he admitted that loading a horse onto the tow truck was a first.
Any way you look at it....this is hilarious!
And here we are, following Ghosts of Saratoga as he rides a tow truck down the interstate.

Is it just me...or is he giving us a weird look?

We arrived at the nearest U-haul rental center, where the guys were nice enough to help load Ghosts of Saratoga onto a new trailer.

Between the accident, the tow, and the trailer exchange, our trip was delayed by more than three hours!....It was clear that we would miss the 5 pm deadline for delivering the horse to the Polo Field. Luckily, the folks at the Saratoga County Arts Council were able to make arrangements to meet us the following morning.

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